We believe that civilization is driven not so much by what is being achieved as by what is being envisioned. Thus our work primarily aims at expanding the scope of our imagination.


We seek assignments that are challenging, and we attempt to provide solutions that may challenge traditional conventions.
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UiD has been awarded for its innovative approach, and in a number of international competitions. UiD is also the curator of
CO-EVOLUTION, which was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, 10th International Architecture Exhibition.


UiD networks with a range of international architects, engineers, universities, product developers, digital designers and visual artists. By integrating knowledge, experiences and ideas from a wide array of sources, we believe it is possible to generate results, which go beyond the imagination of the individual.
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We use architecture as a means of communication and we create architecture through communication.


UiD was founded in 1997, and has since acquired extensive experience in concept development and process management.


Being very close to win a competition for a two hundred million euros project in 1997, we soon realized we had not sky-rocketed, but barely lifted ground. It took a little while - let’s say a few years at least - to discover what architecture is really all about, and then to find out that we wanted to do things in a different way.
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We are inspired by new lifestyles, technologies and knowledge from a broad field of disciplines.


We believe the reason to work is to be challenged, to learn and to develop. If you share this belief then maybe you’d be interested in working with us.
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UiD is based in the Öresund Region of Scandinavia and in Shanghai, P.R.China

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The fact of the matter is, the future is the only place you want to be. And as if you have a choice, anyway!
(Douglas Coupland)

UiD is a network structure of both closely and loosely connected associates. Being a small organization where employees are recruited on a project-to-project basis and workshops can be set up where needed, we are extremely flexible with continuity and integrity ensured by only a few key members.
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UiD had the designated role of process consultant. They took the original concept and further elaborated it, adding new dimensions to the project. And they managed to successfully communicate the project, prompting the motivation and engagement of the involved parties. Jan Bille, Chief Planner, 2003
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Complex systems are shaped by all the people who use them, and in this new era of collaborative innovation, designers are having to evolve from being the individual authors of objects, or buildings, to being the facilitators of change among large groups of people.
(John Thackara)

Our work ranges from small urban installations to strategic global interventions.
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Our projects have been exhibited and published worldwide and we frequently participate in public debates, give interviews and lectures, organize conferences, tours and workshops.


We do not seek the perfect solution. We seek solutions that can adapt to changing needs and desires ... and that may even provoke new ones.


We work with a holistic approach, based on common sense and on applying both high and low tech solutions.