Logoscape © CoMa 2002

Running time:5 min.
Video projection

This digitally designed roadmovie simulates the experience of moving through an abstract landscape, dominated by signs refering to something else than what you really see. As in a video game, the "driver" is exposed to a constant bombardment of disturbances - in the form of logotypes of local tribes and global brands.
Schizoscape © CoMa 2002

Animated cartoon
Running time: 55 sec.
Video projection

An animation of an Egyptian wall painting, based on the New Carlsberg Glytoteket's copy of the Griffith Institute's reproduction of the lost original, which was discovered in the prehistoric cemetery of Hierakonpolis and later destroyed by local villagers.

Dating from 3200 BC, the painting was executed just prior to the invention of the hieroglyphs and the establishment of the first Dynasty of Pharaohs. The two events mark the transition to historical time. The painting depicts a series of distinct scenes. The conception of reality that this and many other prehistoric pictures express, namely that situations which are disconnected in time can co-exist in space, mirrors modern conception of reality, in which situations that are disconnected in space can co-exist in time.

In prehistoric times events occurred in slow motion, making them incomprehensible to the human memory as part of a historic evolution. With events now unfolding in fast forward motion, it becomes equally difficult to maintain that sense of evolution.
touristmap LA © CoMa 2004

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touristmap LA
Mixed media map
Running time: 20 min.
Video projection

Map of the Los Angeles region with icons, short pop-up texts, video clips, photos and sound.
touristmap PRD/HK © CoMa 2004

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touristmap PRD/HK
Mixed media map
Running time: 15 min.
Video projection

Map of the Pearl River Delta / Hong Kong region with icons, short pop-up texts, video clips, photos and sound.
touristmap Oresund © CoMa 2004

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touristmap Oresund
Mixed media map
Running time: 30 min.
Video projection

Map of the Oresund region with icons, short pop-up texts, video clips, photos and sound.
Voices © CoMa 2003

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Sound image
Running time: 11 min.

2 soundtracks with fragments of fictitious conversations in various languages, played in displaced loops, continuously making new sound images of voices talking to themselves, talking together or talking all at once.

In contrast to previous forms of long-distance communication, modern telecommunications have made it possible to communicate directly in ordinary language, providing users with a sense of being together even though they may be in fact quite far apart from one another. It does, as the commercial states, make the globe smaller. But in on the other side, next door neighbors may no longer speak in the same language. In spite of the fact, that we have more communication going on now than ever, nothing seems to suggest, that we understand each other better.