Danish/Chinese Collaboration on Sustainable Urban Development in China
The exhibition in Venice, September 2006

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The Golden Lion Award for national pavilions is awarded to Denmark (CO-EVOLUTION, Danish/Chinese collaboration on sustainable urban development in China). This pavilion shows us a country looking outward rather than inward, bringing its expertise to bear on the ecological problems faced by cities in China. The Danish pavilion does more than catalogue these ecological challenges; the Danish planners and architects propose concrete solutions to water and energy management through visual forms of aesthetic merit. And the Danes show what they themselves learned from their Chinese colleagues. We salute the creativity, intelligence, and generosity of the Danish pavilion.
The Jurors, Richard Sennett (President), Amyn Aga Khan, Antony Gormley and Zaha Hadid, 8 November 2006

One of my favourite pavilions at the Venice Biennale was the Danish one. Its design is all pop, flashy and fun (just as i like them), its central themes (China and sustainability) are certainly very trendy these days but its approach is everything but superficial.
Régine Debatty about the Venice Biennale in We Make Money Not Art 291006

Best in Show - The Danish exhibit is one of the most successful as it combined statistical information as well as specific design proposals that directly addresses the observed data. It is a collaboration between young design firms in Denmark and students in Chinese Universities.
Mason White about the Venice Biennale in Archinect 161006

One bright point was the Danish contribution Co-Evolution (also on show at the Venice Biennale), which turned a one-year exchange project between young architecture firms in Denmark and four Chinese universities into four sustainable metropolitan projects for Shanghai, Peking, Xian and Chongqing
Bert de Muynck about the 2nd Architectural Biennial Beijing in Archined 161006

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